Tilford 15th Anniversary meeting


The 15th annual meeting took place on the 1st October 2016 at Tilford Green, Farnham opposite the Barley Mow pub.

The event was well attending despite the awful weather most of us had to drive through to get there and once all parked up it stayed pretty much dry.

Long time owners, new owners and potential owners had a great chat about all things 928 among fellow enthusiasts.

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The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Our Grand Tour of the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland by Mike Parris


Embarking on a lengthy drive fills me with excitement but also trepidation that our 1990 928S4 will behave.  It didn't help that the belt service light came on a few days before the trip but that was just the wire came off at the spade connector on the tensioner for some reason.
Oil, water and tyres checked we fail at the first hurdle and curse the sat nav. for not finding the ferry port in Holyhead until we work out the country needs to be set to Wales!  

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The 7 year project


If Porsche continued to develop the 928, what would it have evolved into?  This project ended up being one man’s idea of what could have been but not without problems along the way, some of which would make most people give up right there and then.  I met up with Phil Rickard for a photo shoot and to hear about his project.

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928UK 17th Anniversary Meet, Merry Miller.

We met again at The Merry Miller at Cothill near Oxford. I believe there were 30 928's in attendance. It was lovely to catch up again with old friends and see some lovely cars. I took a few pictures especially of the beautifully detailed engine bay - surely beyond the call of duty - and I presented Yas with a Matchbox 928 for being the furthest travelled - he brought his car from France,as its for sale and is a british RHD car and better off being actually located here with relatives. I missed the early part of the meeting but it struck me that four or five of the originators of the list and four or five of those who went on the memorable 928 trip to Stuttgart were there and still just as committed to these great cars. I must get another one soon!

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Original UK registered Sales of Porsche 928 by model type

SMMT Data : Original UK Registered Sales of Porsche 928 by model type

Model Transmission CC UK Registered Sales  
      1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 Total
928 Manual 4474 44 71 29 4                               148
928 Automatic 4474 80 233 127 63 60                             563
928 S/S2 Manual 4664     65 49 37 54 52 56 48 42 7                 410
928 S/S2 Automatic 4664     75 114 197 242 248 250 335 287 97                 1845
928 S4 Manual 4957                     60 12 1 2           75
928 S4 Automatic 4957                     202 267 178 136 37 13       833
928 GT Manual 4957                       69 78 51 16 11       225
928 GTS Manual 5397                             7 14 11 13   45
928 GTS Automatic 5397                             14 33 49 52 2 150
      124 304 296 230 294 296 300 306 383 329 366 348 257 189 74 71 60 65 2 4294

© All copyright on this data is retained by SMMT and it may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any publication or web page without prior written permission.

This data has been provided by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (www.smmt.co.uk) and shows the original numbers of Porsche 928 sales officially registered in the UK.

Many thanks to the SMMT for allowing this data to be reproduced at www.928.org.uk for our enjoyment.

The data shows a total of 4294 Porsche 928 cars of all models registered as sold in the UK between 1978-1996.