Setting the ride height on the Porsche 928

SuspensionThe Porsche 928 can suffer a multitude of suspension problems that basically stem from 2 factors. Firstly the car is heavy - most 928s weight over 3500lbs. Secondly most 928s are now relatively old cars - all are over 15 years old.

The symptoms of problems are:

  • the front of the car hitting the ground when either driving fast and/or over bumpy roads / speed bumps
  • a floaty feel to the handling

A correctly setup 928 should not hit the ground or float - in fact the handling should be very tight and surefooted. These problems are caused by any one - or indeed any combination - or even all 3 - of the following causes.

  • Shock Absorbers
  • Springs
  • Ride Height recommendation

aim for 175mm front and rear. This is within the factory specification and will result in a very slight nose down stance. This article explains how, one of the earliest articles from the information base on the site.

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Unleaded Fuel information for all Porsche models

Unleaded Fuel information for all Porsche models

Someone asked for the Porsche Cars GB recommended unleaded fuel
grades tech note on the mailing list. (Todo, make this an html table :))

Porsche Fuel recommendations

First meeting December 1998

1998 Meetings

First meeting 2nd December

Julian Macedo, Angus Fox, Andy Elvers, Peter Watts, Richard Tatnall & Paul Coyne

Originally the six of us just used to email each other. Shortly after this the 928uk mailing list was set up.

Our six 928's in a line on a cold December at Christmas Common

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