2007 trip to Surrey Rolling Road

2007 trip to Surrey Rolling Road

Friday afternoon saw a small group of us at Surrey Rolling Road.

Surrey Rolling Road Ltd, Unit 120, Qinetiq Chobham lane, Surrey, KT16 0EE

Its located in a bunker near the M3.

My car was troubled at first. They thought perhaps it was mixture too rich, or a bad fuel pump or a faulty maf (sometimes Ive thought the maf needs doing sometimes it fine). But it settled down ans the technician said it was fine after that.

346 BHP Porsche 928 S4 SE

I got a fairly stunning 346 BHP. The SE also had a different torque curve, and a higher rev limit. My SE is standard except for the Sports Exhaust. Just goes to show you the SE was breathed upon by Weissach!

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Used Car Roadshow, Report

After Angus had posted details on the 928 list regarding a 928 being required for filming in the Leeds area, I emailed them direct with a few pictures. The next day had a call from them saying they liked my car and would I come on the show.

So the day was set for 29th July for filming in Leeds but two weeks before the show I had a call to say that could I come along to the Classic car at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire instead?

We turn up at the show about 9.00am, Jason and Penny came along later.

I hand a sheet out to Jason about the cars speed, acceleration, cost etc. He had already been on the Internet and downloaded some information about the car for the show. He said that he had owned a 1992 928 GT and had liked it very much because of its acceleration and handling but was not too happy about the MPG if he drove it hard. We all know that the MPG is not one of the 928’s strong points.

I moved the car into position with the house in the back ground. One of the film crew quickly cleaned the wheels and screen of grass and fly’s.

The sun was out for a change and no black clouds in sky. The filming took about an hour, they filmed Jason first and then did it again filming what Penny was to say.

They where having a laugh and a joke about Jason having a 928 bought by his girlfriend when he was fourteen years old and Penny was asking him how come he had a girlfriend at fourteen but you will have to wait till the show comes out and see what I mean.

They also filmed a BMW Z1 also for Teenage Kicks along with a Citroen 2CV and where going to pick two other cars from the Classic show to film that Jason liked.

We then stopped till dinner time and went off for a pub meal.

I will post on the 928 list later when I know what date the show will be shown. The Used Car Roadshow website is www.usedcarroadshow.co.uk

Regards, John Oakes

Thermostat Gasket

For anyone who is having overheating problems, this may be the problem. A faulty gasket like this one means the thermostat doesn't seal properly and some of the coolant avoids the trip round the radiator.

Porsche 928 Thermostat Gasket Paul

928 Repaint

928 Repaint

by Clive Lusted

After Paint - Porsche 928 S4 Grand Prix White

After Paint - Pic From Clive Lusted

From a couple of yards away the Grand Prix White paintwork on my 1988 928 S4 looked pretty presentable. Up close however, there were a large number of stone chips on the front PU and the side sills plus there were some paint runs, albeit only visible in a certain light, on the offside wing where a previous owner or, more likely, an OPC had the car touched up before a resale. There were also some small bubbles of aluminium corrosion by the front wheel arches.

I arranged to meet Dave McLoughlin of Daytona Coachworx in Stevenage at the Ace Café on March 9th for a review of the bodywork during a Pistonheads Porsche Breakfast meet. It was agreed that it would be sensible make it a front end respray and include the bonnet. This is when the job started to grow into a bit of a monster as most of my projects generally do.

Porsche 928 S4 Grand Prix White Repaint, Daytona Coachworx

I am also pleased to say that despite yet another of my 928 projects running over budget I once again managed to avoid the divorce courts which was another recommendation I had received from the 928.org.uk email list.

Read on for lots more information and pictures...

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Porsche 928 Keys

Suggetions in the past have included

www.keysforclassics.com - in Australia, yes they cut you a key from a photo, Stuart very quick to answer emails and very prompt. The key works perfectly, plus he gives you the code so you can order future keys. All done by email. Cost was US$38.95 delivered. Key is a generic blank with a black head that looks otherwise just like a Porsche one (no light). You can email Stuart on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (## 2004-2006 many happy customers including me!##)

Key and Lock Security in Bournemouth, really top service, great people and reasonable prices. They cut from ORIGINAL Porsche blanks. (2005)

Market Lock and Safe in Crisp St Market off the Commercial Road in E.London (£40ish) (2003)

Maximum Security Locksmiths Ltd, Opposite Elms Road, Orpington, Kent, 0700 227 5397, 0845 3673030, 01689 815329, (I spoke to Kevin, who cut a spare long key from the original as he had the required jig. He also stated that he is possibly the only locksmith in the UK that can cut 928 keys at the roadside should you be unfortunate to loose yours - the guy also supplies blank long and short keys.) (2003)

Strasse in Leeds, they've got key blanks: 0113 2340911 (2003)

AUTO LOCKSMITHS, WESTGATE, BRADFORD, BD1 2QL, 01274 305621, 0786 6793386 (chap did it in 5 mins it fit all my locks 1st try for the bargain price of £15 including the blank. He keeps the blanks in stock. They don,t have the Porsche logo and torch but hey they are only £15 cut. (2004)

Crocket the Ironmongers (upstairs) in West Nile Street, Glasgow, just round the corner from Argyle Street station. £12.50 including the blank. (2006)