Windscreen Wiper Motor Repair

Steve Jones
1989 928 S4 Stone Grey Metallic Auto
Bizman928 at

My 928 windscreen wipers developed an unhealthy grinding noise when operated a few weeks ago, then they completely stopped working, so I needed to find out what was wrong and how I could fix them.

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The day the music fried

Ever since I have owned my 89S4 auto the radio has been quite bad, it forgets the radio stations and the speakers flap about which sounds like a lot of the presenters are passing wind. I thought it was about time to update it and do it on a budget. I expect I could have spent much more on it and included amplifiers and replace all of the speakers with components sets. I decided to replace 4 speakers, the 2 10cm speakers in the front doors and the 17cm speakers in the rear behind the seats, remove the old amp if installed and power the speakers from the head unit. The Apline speakers came to £75, the Kenwood radio was also around £75 and then I spent about £20 at Maplins.

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Used Car Roadshow 2007, Report

After Angus had posted details on the 928 list regarding a 928 being required for filming in the Leeds area, I emailed them direct with a few pictures. The next day had a call from them saying they liked my car and would I come on the show.

So the day was set for 29th July for filming in Leeds but two weeks before the show I had a call to say that could I come along to the Classic car at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire instead?

We turn up at the show about 9.00am, Jason and Penny came along later.

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2007 trip to Surrey Rolling Road

2007 trip to Surrey Rolling Road

Friday afternoon saw a small group of us at Surrey Rolling Road.

Surrey Rolling Road Ltd, Unit 120, Qinetiq Chobham lane, Surrey, KT16 0EE

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Thermostat Gasket

For anyone who is having overheating problems, this may be the problem. A faulty gasket like this one means the thermostat doesn't seal properly and some of the coolant avoids the trip round the radiator.

Porsche 928 Thermostat Gasket Paul