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Welcome everyone new and old to There are over 450 participants on the 928uk mail list which is astonishing.

As there are a lot of new folk I thought I would just say a few words about where the web site and list came from and what it is not....

928uk was set up as a uk mailing list on the Internet in 1998 by 6 UK owners fed up with US specific content on rennlist but jealous of the self help and community that rennlist had. (It would have been more than 6 but 6 turned up for our very first meeting on the first Saturday of December).

Our six 928's at Christmas Common in December 1998

We wanted to get UK owners together and share tips and meet up and swap stories etc. Those original six were variously members of different Porsche clubs, mail lists and a couple strongly objected to the very idea of clubs. Consequently we consciously decided notto be a club. There are two excellent clubs - Porsche Club GB and TIPEC in the UK and we had no wish to compete. There are also people who dont want to be in a club but who can look at a web site and be an email participant and we didnt want to exclude anyone. That day we set our goal of creating a successful web site and email list beyond club boundaries for the sharing of tips on ownership and the generation of a community of interest about the hidden gem of Porsche - the V8 928 supercar.

We resolved to meet annually on the first Saturday in December with no agenda and no club politics; just to see how the 928 community was doing.

For a long time the list ran slowly on Pauls dial up PC which was permanently connected to the net. We didnt have a web site. Then Andy took over and I registered the domain name and Andy created the web site and had the email list hosted by a mate of his so the email could be from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Meetings in those days were at people houses. One day 8 or so 928s parked at my house to watch the 32 valve engine service video.. My wife made coffee and left us alone. My neighbours thought we were all barking mad!

We originally had no rules at all on the mail list but modified this over time to try to keep big attachments off the list, to stick to the topic of the 928 in the UK and not to allow systematic commercial, abusive or junk email.

In Life of Brian style this caused other 928 groups to set up.

An example of the fun of a 928uk meet was at AFN chiswick one Saturday where they were doing a free clinic day in their workship (basically a free 87 point check and a coffee), We jammed them with almost a 100% turnout of 928uk participants from start at 9am to finish at 12:30. It was great fun to see all their ramps with 928's on them and more queuing especially as the chiswick service manager seemed to have a sense of humour failure that all these V8's should show up together and not go because we were chatting and drinking coffee!

This year we have had many meetings formal and informal, sometimes at other club meetings and sometimes our own and sometimes at peoples houses or more properly garage. The more meetings we have the better I would say. Feel empowered to organise a meeting locally by suggesting a venue and a date and keeping a track of who is coming. Use the list to publicise it, Ask me to put it on the home page.

Four of the original six have moved on from 928's. I took over running the list and the web site when Andy sold his 928, and its run on a professionally managed specialised web server with industrial strength mail list management software and plenty of bandwidth. Its a pleasure to be part of this community and I try hard to keep the web site up and running and fresh and the list free of junk mail and politics. I have very occasionally deleted people from the list if I have felt it necessary. Its happened only a handful of times and usually its a spammer or other obvious trick. I actually actively stay out of arguments on the list because it usually causes a sea of email.

This year I have been allowing people to advertise their cars on the web site home page in exchange for a donation towards the running of the list and the site. We've helped many buyers and sellers achieve their 928 dream. is also this year top ranked in Google for most searches with 928 and uk in them. This is harder to achieve than you might think. Naturally people have found it a very effective way to advertise their cars and it forces me to keep the homepage fresh. One person even famously sold their 928 the same day it went on the site. Proves the power of Google and the Internet beyond doubt but sadly not repeatable!

Personal referrals to 928 specialists in the UK are more than welcome but must be independent and unbiased and based on the personal experience of a 928 owner. I have a few but not nearly enough. Look at and again please email me directly if you have one to add. No traders - referrals must be from 928 owners who have actually used a service! Sponsored links on the site drive hits and help our rankings in Google.

I am always looking for help with the site and Nick,Gareth, and Jon's articles on lock re-keying, where in the UK everyone is, and Pauls picture gallery are all submitted and or managed by other people and show what can be done. Anyone who wants to write, or help with part of the site is more than welcome. Email me off list if you have something to contribute. Plain text is all I need. You dont have to be a techie.

I personally think the list is the strongest it has ever been and certainly adds to every participants knowledge and enjoyment of the cars. Thats what its all about. Thanks for participating. See you at the annual meeting... If we got a 100% turnout at a 928uk meet it would be some meeting!


928uk listmaster and webmaster

PS Some of this history has been compacted to make it readable for new participants and may have lost total chronological accuracy.. please dont flame me if Ive forgotten something....